WiseGirl Day 2 — Awesome Healthy Bread!

Paleo Bread

My husband and I have turned into health nuts over our 8 years together. We love working out and trying to eat lots of good healthy stuff! About 2 years ago, I starting doing CrossFit and became privy to the “Paleo” diet. Although it is supposedly based on what our Paleolithic ancestors would have eaten, I like to think of it more simply as eating whole and natural foods, while cutting out grains and sugar. I’ve been eating this way for a while, and have lost a lot of weight and reaped many benefits! Even my husband has started to join in on my new way of life! One thing that he’s been complaining about missing lately is bread. Naturally, this is not on the OK-to-eat list because it typically contains wheat and sugars.

Paleo Bread Slices

For today’s Thing, I decided to make him a loaf of delicious bread made of great ingredients that fit within our diet! I started with this great recipe, but removed one egg and added in some cinnamon and unsweetened apricot halves! Super tasty!!

The best part is, I even cleaned my food processor parts and actually *put them away* instead of just rinsing ’em off and letting them languish on the drying rack for a few days. LOL

About Rachelle Wise

Web developer and digital marketing consultant. I love solving problems, motorcycles, lifting weights, sunshine and good cheer. Let's be friends!


  1. I admire your commitment to eating healthy. I lost a lot last year on a lo-carb diet by giving up all bread, rice (hard to do in Japan!) and noodles. I don’t know much about the Paleo diet. Did you use a little sugar or honey in the bread? It looks delicious!

  2. Thanks leahmama1! I definitely miss rice, and still have a tiny bit once in a while. :)
    The recipe for the bread calls for a tablespoon of honey, but I left it out since I added the apricots. They seemed to add a hint of sweetness that was satisfying enough for me.

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