TAD 3 Absalom Jones

ImageI’m pressed for time today so I haven’t gotten to my Chinese brush painting.  Instead, I’ve been working on the last piece that I’m taking to a Black History exhibit that is opening tomorrow and will be up for a month.  This painting is a rendition of Absalom Jones, the first African American ordained in the Episcopal Church.  He had been a slave, was eventually able to purchase his freedom ( after he and his wife first managed to buy her freedom so their children wouldn’t be born into slavery!) and was ordained in 1804 in Philadelphia.  He was known for his oratory skills and pastoral care.  He died on February 13th, 1818. 

The painting is 14″ by 11″, acrylic on watercolor paper.


About beckynielsen

late blooming artist, grandmother to many little ones


  1. Do you love history and biographies , too? I could never attempt to paint my favorite people but I love to read or hear about them. I didn’t know about Absalom Jones! I am drawn to the eyes. You make them very eloquent.

  2. beckynielsen

    I do love history and biography, and I love reading novels that take place in other cultures so that I get a sense of day to day life.
    I”ve become more comfortable painting people through my iconography classes – I’ve been studying with an iconographer of Russian heritage for about 5 years. I still like to have Olga’s opinion on some aspects of the painting and still have a lot to learn with her. Portraiture of current people would not be something I’d feel that I could do well, however. Something a little more stylized is easier for me.

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