Day 3 — Lightbox (Completed)

Today’s project was putting the finishing touches on my day one project.  I ran into Akihabara this morning and picked up the LEDs necessary to illuminate the shadow box from behind.  I found the perfect set of lights for the box, but a little bit of quick math let me know that it would take eight AA batteries to power the lights.  The battery housing alone would be about a quarter of the size of the display box itself!  I opted to get an AC adapter and converter cable instead.  With everything hooked up, this is what the finished product looks like.  I’m happy with the results, but for future boxes will opt for some LEDs that are a less of a “brilliant” white and more of a “natural” white.

I have yet to decide what to make for tomorrow, but once it’s done I’ll be sure to let everyone know!  See you then!



  1. That turned out really nicely! How big is it?

  2. Looks fntastic all lit up!

  3. Goku_Mizuno

    Wow. Amazing, absolutely amazing.

  4. maeltrous

    The size is rather small, actually. It’s 16 cm square, so about 6.25 inches square. Still, it’s a nice size to set on the shelf!

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