Day 2

Well, that was a busy day for me. I have managed to make few different things,  so choosing one just for this project was a bit tricky. Finally, I have decided it will be a month filled with handmade headbands, especially because I have two girls that love accessorize . So here it is my creation #2 – Fancy Headband for Miss Maya. I think it might be a perfect V-day gift for my purple loving girl :)

My partner in this challenge , Amelie, is very excited about her little brother’s b-day party, and since it is a airplane party, she has made a sweet little felt plane for Gavin :). I think turned out super cute and the little brother is going to love it. And most likely another brother will be requesting one more tomorrow.Nothing better like craft requests :)

About anetaamelie

Spending days on making and, food, photos, and lots of cozy and fun stitches. I have 4 kids, so to make my life more busy and more interesting, I have decided to always be inspired to create. For now my work reflects children, their joy of life, colors, discoveries and adventures. Please, bare with me on this fascinating marathon ...lets do it..lets make it happen 'thing-a-day' :) This year, Amelie , my oldest daughter is joining me for the marathon 'thing-a-day'. It's great to have a partner :). My Etsy store My blog


  1. beckynielsen

    Cute headband, and I love Amelie’s plane!

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