Day 02- Felt Violet

Day 02- Felt Violet

I spent most of today out of the house, running errands and hanging out with friends so I put this violet together early this morning.

Be blessed.


About erincomptondesign

Woman. Wife. Stay-at-home-master-of-all-awesome-and-raiser-of-babes. Truth chaser. Lake and Mountain Dweller. Pixie haircut aficionado. Addicted to emotions and butter pecan ice cream. Treasure finder. Director of happy fun times. Creative as all get out. EXCELLENT friend. Alright dancer. Terrible sleeper.


  1. Pretty.

    Must take a lot of patience to craft something so small (ok, I am assuming it tiny little violet as opposed to a handsized violet). Is it glued or sewn?

    Love your About text blurb as well.

  2. It is actually a little smaller than palm sized, and it is sewn! Thank you!

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