Day 2: The lady with the cat

I stood about 5 five minutes in front of the editing page and thought about how to begin this post and not complain about the weather. So did I do it? :)

Ok, no more weather related whining.

Let me tell you about Mia. She is this charming lady that loves to dress up, be friendly and have fun. So, today I drew her in a long sleeved pink dress with laced hem and a new hairstyle – normally she wears her hair Princess Leia style.

You may have noticed her cute little friend, Mr. Muffles the cat. Like every cat, he enjoys the simple things in a cat’s life, like long naps on the couch, eating snacks about any time and watching TV.

The illustration is hand drawn on shrinking plastic and I think I’ll turn this one into a brooch, but I’m planning on making the first Mia rings these days and even some more earrings designs.

Have a lovely evening everyone!



  1. The weather certainly has not influenced Mia outfit. :)) It’s perfect for a brooch!

  2. Hihi, well if the weather keeps getting worse I’ll have to draw her a winter coat. :p
    Meantime, we stay in!

  3. murmuruca

    Oh I like the new look of MIa;)

  4. Oh, lovely Mia, every time I see here I know you were there!Hope I’ll see a wintery Mia soonnnnnn!

  5. Thank you! I’m happy you all like her!

    @Bohemiansin, I might just take you up on that. :)

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