2: Boxfort

This was fun because it harkens back to my first TAD three years ago, when I made a huge box fort for my youngest son. He’s bigger now, so the box is Even Bigger! We spent at least an hour with some friends discussing what the box fort was going to be, decorating and playing with the box. Technically, this was from yesterday, but as I had already posted for Day 1, it goes here. Plus, now you get a story to go with it:

Once upon a time there was a castle in a garden, with a fountain and trees and a rose window.  Squirrels and birds lived in the vines on the top of the castle. Inside the castle lived two little cat-goblins who liked  to giggle and scheme. They were content in their castle for a time, but then they hatched a plan.  A plan to scare the moms! They came swarming out of the castle, gnashing their terrible teeth and showing their terrible claws and making terrible growling sounds!

The moms had to think fast!

Quickly, one mom dashed to the kitchen and scooped up the muffins! The other mom cut the muffins in quarters with two swift cuts of her great knife, and held out the muffin pieces to the cat-goblins.

“Chocolate chip muffins! Cranberry nut muffins! Plum muffins!” said the cat-goblins. “Yum!”

They snapped up the muffin chunks and disappeared back into their castle to munch, leaving the moms in peace. For the moment.

Later there was a story and the moms and the now-snuggly cat-goblins took a little  nap.

About Meguey

I restore, conserve, or complete vintage textiles, as well as create new ones. I have 3 sons, 3 cats, 3 computers and 6 sewing machines. I also write and play role-playing games,


  1. beckynielsen

    Fabulous story and project – and I’m very hungry for plum muffins!

  2. They were delicious! A slightly sweet bran muffin with chunks of juicy plums and little cranberries.

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