thing a day 1

I’ve recently started studying Chinese brush painting. Such a simple thing is so difficult to do well, and yet it’s also very meditative and satisfying.  I decided that the daily discipline of creating during this month would be the perfect opportunity to practice my skills, and play a bit with surfaces, themes, etc.

My classes are based on traditional designs, and I’m glad to be learning them.  Hopefully, I’ll also find some ways to explore my own.

I think the Four Gentlemen are bamboo, orchid, plum blossom, and maybe peony – and for my first day I’m submitting a bamboo.  It’s not very good.  My brush control is poor, learning to use the right amount of ink to water, learning to press and release the brush while moving it across the paper is tricky.  But even by the end of my session this afternoon, I could feel a rhythm developing.



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  1. Not very good, eh? Would that my stuff were that “not very good”! I think it’s lovely!

  2. mcavoyart

    Dont play yourself down i Find these quite beautiful

  3. beckynielsen

    Thank you. It will be interesting to compare this to another bamboo toward the end of the month. Hopefully you will be able to see a difference.

  4. capturethesun

    It’s beautiful! :)

  5. Leslie

    I love that you are trying another new medium, another artistic venture!

  6. icemoosey

    This is beautiful. Makes me want to learn Chinese brush painting too.

  7. kikimartuck

    Absolutely beautiful! I’ve always wanted to learn how to do this, very inspiring.

    • beckynielsen

      The Chinese brush allows you to produce something that looks pretty good right away – so that makes it fun! But when you see what can be done by someone more practiced, you realize that you need to work a lot to develop better control and judgement. I would certainly recommend giving it a try! And there are some youtube sites that I’ve heard are pretty good for instruction if you can’t find anyone locally.

  8. murmuruca

    I love sumi e drawings and working with ink! you made a pretty job, i am looking forrowrd to see more!

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