First “Thing-a-day” project:Day1

The firs day has arrived! Didn’t I told you? Oh, my bad:) So this year I participate for the first time on a really cool creative project called “Thing-a-day”, this year is the 6Th edition and I’ve decided to be involved too!
I think it’s really fun and it stimulate your creativity, I can wait to see how the things will go, and I am super curious about the other girls projects ( see Bo3mia, Kittn..) and I want to thank to Anca cause throw her I encourage myself to get involved! Yupii!!

So for the first day I present you a ink and acrylics drawing with an, of course, beagle. The idea I found it throw Internet but my sweet Hera was a muse too, if you can see in the first picture!
I think you will see more beagle or animals drawing in this project ’cause i am a real fun of animals and…..sure…drawings!
So I hope you enjoy it and see you tomorrow with another project! I hope you will love it!
Till then, stay beautiful,


About murmuruca

I can't imagine my life without creating, art, imagination


  1. murmuruca

    Thank you very much!:)

  2. bo3mia

    Both Hera and the drawing are really cute :)

  3. murmuruca

    Thank you dear!:)

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