Days 27& 28: Magnetic Chore Board

Days 27& 28: Magnetic Chore Board

Cut a cookie sheet in half and drilled holes at the top. Covered it with fabric and tied a ribbon through the holes to hang it. Then had my 7 year old tell me her chores and found pictures of them all on clip art… printing them and gluing magnets on the back. Whether this works or not remains to be seen, but at the very least I’m hopefully she feels slightly guilty for not helping out…


  1. How cool is that!

    The only thing I would want to see if it were my list of chores (come to think of it, why don’t we adults have these sort of fun chore things? I haven’t gotten star stickers for doing things for the longest time. Maybe next thing-a-day…) Anyway, the only other thing I would like to have would be a big “Yay! You did it! Thanks for helping!” or something on the side where you put the magnets when the thing is done. And maybe a “Were you looking for something to do?” on the other half. Or maybe something more guilt inducing. According to your nature.

  2. bradford4

    Thanks. =) I like “Are you looking for something to do?”… maybe I’ll make a magnet saying that and stick it at the top. Only thing is that her answer would be “Nope! I’m going to go play!” ;-)

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